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Playa del Carmen Catamaran Rentals

Reserve your Playa del Carmen catamaran option with different packages to pick from.

38 ft catamaran

  • Type:38 ft Lagoon Catamaran
  • Base: Near Playa del Carmen
  • size: 38 ft
  • Price: $1499 / 4 hrs for 15 people + marine taxes max 15 people

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La yoya catamaran

  • Type:Catamaran Playa del Carmen
  • Base: Playa del Carmen
  • size: 36 ft
  • Price: $1399 / 4 hrs for 10 people and 59 usd per extra gues + marine taxes max 15 people

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42 foot catamaran charter

  • Type:Catamaran Charter Playa del Carmen Mexico
  • Base: Near playa del carmen
  • size: 40 ft
  • Price: $1750 / 4 hrs for 15 people + marine taxes

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Catamaran in Playa del Carmen

  • Type:Luxury catamaran Playa del Carmen
  • Type:Catering and cocktails for a vip experience
  • Base: Near Playa del Carmen
  • size: 42 ft
  • Price: $2099 / 4 hrs +20 usd per person marine taxes

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Rerserve your catamaran!

Sailing Playa del Carmen to enjoy the breeze, the sun and the good cocktail on a one of these sailboats. Whether you are going with friends, bachelorette party or family, one of these catamaran tour is the best option.  With lots of outside space to relax, tan and enjoy the breeze.  Also all inclusice packages for you to avoid any planning and just jump on board.

Playa del Carmen Catamaran

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    Playa del Carmen Catamaran IconPlaya del Carmen Catamaran

    entre calle 10 y 12, Avenida Benito Juárez, Playa del Carmen

    5.0 2 reviews

    • Avatar Playa del Carmen ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
      Great staff and and great service ti our guests. We went snorkeling all the way to cozumel on a great place call el cielo. Beautiful spot with star fish
      Thank you for organize it!
    • Avatar Lexi Y ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
      thank you for the great time on the catamaran. We had a blast with the girls...

    Why Choose Us?

    Dedicated to sailing the Riviera Maya for over 15 years. with different catamaran excursions Playa del Carmen and trips to fit your needs

    Great Staff

    Professional skippers, crew and staff to feel at ease on your charter.

    Beautiful private catamaran Playa del Carmen options

    Some of the top catamaran in Playa del Carmen that are well kept and maintained.

    Peronsalized catamaran excursions

    With different catamaran hour packages to personalized your Playa del Carmen catamaran trips.

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    Providing catamaran tours for over 15 years.   Contact us today and get a non FREE quote.

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    Some of the best boats in Playa del Carmen area.

    Playa del Carmen catamaran Tours

    Sailing Playa del Carmen is the way to enjoy the Riviera Maya

    Rent a Playa del Carmen catamaran charter and sail away on open waters on these beautiful peradise. Snorkel the second largest reef in the world and enjoy its beauty.

    Select from the different catamaran tours Playa del Carmen with regulat all inclusive packages or upgreaded open bar and food.

    VIP Private Catamaran

    Enjoy the luxury of having a chef on board cooking for your group.  Whether catamaran from Playa del Carmen to Cozumel or any Playa del Carmen sailing tours, the experience can be even better.  Ready to get your Möet bottle open and cheer to your celebration? With bottle service or premium open bar you can enjoy a highend experience.

    vip catamaran charter playa del carmen

    Catamaran tours Playa del Carmen Mexico

    Also with options of a catamaran cozumel from playa del carmen for crossing or for 8 hour tour to cielito to do snorkeling.  A place like no other, imagen snorkeling among the beautiful star fish on a turquoise color ocean.  Clear waters and white sands, just a magical spot.

    el cielito catamaran tour

    Playa del Carmen Catamaran Excursions 

     Personalize you excursion to go to cozumel or to another destination in the Riviera Maya.  A private catamaran is a great option  to decide what you want to do during the tour.  Enjoy a sunny day of cocktails, a snorkeling trip to the reef or just a cruise along the shore to Playa del Carmen.  Let our sailing boats take y ou to the places best spots in the area.

    Playa del Carmen Catamaran

    Travel Like A Pro! Playa del Carmen Catamaran Rentals


    Inhale, unwind, and relish. These words cause us to pause and consider that living life involves more than just putting in a day’s work, getting by, and carrying the weight of the world. Going on a trip or vacation with your family and loved ones is the best way to relax; nothing is better than taking vacations together. We must devise excellent ways to spend the summer because it may only be a brief time for some people to unwind.


    Catamarans in Playa del Carmen

    A catamaran is a sizable boat with two identical hulls joined by a bridge deck. The Catamaran’s two-hulled design improves stability and allows for better sailing balance. Additionally, it has a more oversized deck than conventional yachts.


    Catamarans are frequently used for sailing and snorkeling or scuba diving tours in Playa del Carmen because they can travel in shallower waters. As a result, they have grown to be very popular in Mexico and the Caribbean.


    Things to Consider Before Choosing A Playa del Carmen Catamaran Rentals


    Communicate your boating needs.

    Finding a yacht that meets your needs and the picture you have in your head of the perfect yacht chartering trip requires good communication. Inform your agent of all your dreams, even if they seem trivial or impractical. Your agent’s responsibility is to locate the ideal yacht for your vacation, but they can’t do that if you bypass essential information.


    Where is your sailing destination?

    Reef ihna, or Cozumel Tour are the best places to go on Catamaran sail near Playa del Carmen and are the places you shouldn’t miss. Deciding where you want to go on your vacation while renting a yacht is crucial.  Maybe you want to go to Isla Mujeres which only boats depart from Cancun to this island but we can arrange it.


    How much can you spend?

    The budget you have should be one of the first things you consider. How much do you have left over after paying for your plane tickets and allocating some cash for entertainment, dining, and shopping? Give your agent a working price range that is truthful and reasonable. They’ll limit choices based on your preferences and spending limit.



    Charter yachts and catamarans provide several amenities, including snorkeling gear and scuba diving equipment. Your agent will try to locate a charter yacht with the amenities you specify.


    Items to Bring for a Catamaran Tour

    The following are some necessities you should pack for a catamaran tour:


    Swimsuit: Since you’ll probably be getting in the water, you should wear a swimsuit and coverup.

    Sunglasses: Don’t forget your sunglasses for the Catamaran—likely it’s to be very sunny and bright!

    Beach Towel: Bring a beach towel to dry off when you get out of the water. Due to their low weight and quick drying time, these microfiber beach towels are excellent choices.

    Biodegradable sunscreen: It’s crucial to bring biodegradable sunscreen whenever you plan to swim in the ocean to safeguard the coral reefs.

    Snorkel set: It is better to bring your own snorkel set and against using the snorkel set provided on the tour if you have any concerns about comfort and cleanliness.

    GoPro or waterproof camera: It is strongly advised to bring a GoPro or waterproof camera to document your catamaran and snorkeling adventures for fantastic picture quality.

    To get the most out of your catamaran experience in Playa del Carmen, keep these suggestions in mind:

    Book in advance: Because tours can fill up quickly, making an online reservation is strongly advised to secure your spot. Most tour operators, including Viator, provide flexible booking options and let you cancel free of charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled departure date.


    Choose a private catamaran tour if you can: If you have a larger group or are willing to pay more for a more deluxe experience, you should consider doing so. Your experience will be much more tailored, and you won’t have to worry about loud tour participants ruining it.


    Take lots of pictures: A catamaran tour is an adventure you won’t soon forget! Bring a waterproof phone pouch to protect your phone and still take lots of pictures near the water if you don’t have a GoPro or waterproof camera.


    Adventure Awaits You There!

    There are many fascinating places to discover that can satisfy your curiosity and allow you to enjoy the sunsets and the calmest of seas while you wander. Sharing special moments with anyone here at Playa Del Carmen Boat Rental, some of the best adventures await you anywhere. So explore more and see more sights to make your trip worthwhile. 

    If you’re considering taking a catamaran tour while on vacation in Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, we hope this catamaran guide was helpful.